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Initial Design Concept Completed
Published: 08/08/2013

The initial design concept of the Nevis Cultural Complex has been completed with only a few changes pending. The open air design gives a beautiful contemporary presentation while maintaining and utilizing the cultural look and feel of Nevis.

Currently we are still searching for a few headline sponsors. To get involved or for more information contact us. 

Cultural complex`s news

New Rendering Released with Design Updates ​
    Left: A side view of the projected new Nevis Cultural Complex. Right: The complex in the Nevis as it sits n...
Published: 08/08/2013

Nevis Cultural Complex Logo Finalized ​
2/1/2013 the Nevis Cultural Complex logo was finalized. The logo design reflects the mesh tensile overhang that encompasses the complex and the c...
Published: 08/08/2013

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