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There's something about this small, sombrero shaped island that grabs you. The charm and tranquility takes you back to a time when things were simpler, when life was more peaceful, when stress was just a word, not a way of life.

​This is why we have decided to partner with a group of generous sponsors to help restore the cultural diversity and enlighten performing arts in children.

We have a team of builders and designers that have volunteered to make the beautiful island of Nevis better than ever before. Be apart of our team in helping make Nevis a better place! Follow the project, or better yet, get involved.

Project overview
The objective of this notable project is to replace and rebuild the existing Cultural Complex which has endured some 40 years of disrepair and neglect.  Age, weather and increased population usage and traffic, along with declining maintenance due to lack of funds, have truly taken their toll.

 It’s imperative that Nevisian Heritage not be lost to the ravages of time and neglect. Before this occurs, it’s critical that a new complex be constructed soon, and with a passion for quality and excellence. 

The new complex will not only be able to preserve Nevisian Heritage through the culture and aesthetics of music and the fine arts, but provide a venue for future generations to promote, share and display their own talents through arts and media, along with providing a beautiful facility for family, patrons and friends to enjoy and reconnect. 

The Complex
The complex itself shall symbolize design excellence and functionality that transcend mere utility while meeting the needs of the intellectual, aesthetic and spiritual mind.  In essence, it shall embrace the integrating, motivational and healing power of art and culture.  Through the embodiment of appropriate cultural motifs and dynamic forms found in nature, it shall become a place of peace, enjoyment, reflection and pride, as well as a welcoming retreat and sanctuary for people of all ages.

It will be constructed from native stones, including those retrieved from old, historic plantations which have succumbed almost entirely to the ravages of time, pilfering and decay. It will be our honor and privilege, as well as a tribute to our forebears, to salvage these remaining ancestral stones which they built under hardship and the most inhospitable of times.  To reconstruct, preserve and protect for all future generations--this is of paramount importance--so that they may come to appreciate the past and relish to understand their heritage.

Combining these ancient fragments with modern day stones will portray and secure the preservation of the past while linking it to the future.  To further symbolize this preservation, all the reconstructed ancient walls will be sheathed under a tensile membrane structure to protect it from further deterioration caused by the elements.
 It will be built to the latest codes, meeting the utmost of both hurricane and earthquake standards, thus providing shelter during times of emergency and calamity.  One of the main goals is to have the entire complex Green and Leed Certified, thus creating a sustainable complex that is structurally enduring and environmentally conscious. 

The Amenities 
The new complex will seat 1,800 people in an amphitheater setting with comfortable stadium-type seating, along with VIP suites at the rear and loge boxes in the center section. Above and behind these suites will be a spacious lawn area where attendees can enjoy a more relaxed experience.
The entire fixed-seating area, including the main stage, will be covered with an appealing tensile membrane structure equipped with large overhead fans to provide a more comfortable viewing experience.

The main stage will include a well-placed orchestra pit, which will be equipped with the latest in theatrical lighting and state-of-the-art audio and visual accoutrements.  Even a roll-down movie screen (the only one of its kind on the island!) to present the latest in popular films, will be available.

Backstage rooms will consist of dressing, rehearsal, storage, support facilities and even classrooms for community meetings, corporate conferences, teaching sessions and family counseling along with a full banquet room complete with cooking facilities. 
The perimeter will have both concession booths and stands peppered throughout the complex for small businesses to showcase their talents and vocations from cooking to jewelry making. 

The Future
Future expansion will offer an impressive stage for performing artists from pop and rock to classical and jazz, and a dance floor to accommodate 500 patrons or performers.  There will be concession booths, lawn areas, picnic tables and barbecues all providing a convivial atmosphere for families and friends to congregate and enjoy.

The Economy
The project will create a boom in job creation, trade skills and entrepreneurship. Many manufactures, teachers, job fairs and celebrity speakers will set up presentations and classroom training courses on the installation and provide seminars and speaking engagements and provide a host of services to paying patrons and attendees.  
Having more events year-round will generate increased room occupancy from tourists and guests and business and convention visitors. This will also trickle down to the hotels, restaurants, rental agencies (car and sports), taxi companies, gift shops, entertainment venues and hospitality industry on the island.

It will spur job growth and economic development and support small and disadvantaged businesses by providing a venue which allows local artists, entrepreneurs and small businesses to earn revenue and achieve success by showcasing their creative enterprises and products and services.  It will also provide more revenue for the government through taxes and fees. 

The Costs
The proposed budget is approximately 12 million (USD) for the main complex and 3 million (USD) for the future expansion area.  This budget is dependent on the generosity and outpouring of donated materials and labor from corporations and individuals.
Any monies remaining will be allocated to future maintenance of the complex and to the next community project, which will be an athletic field for aspiring athletes to compete on the world stage. 

Cultural complex`s news

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